Radon Test Kits

22 Dec

The presence of radon gas can be a major health hazard and thus the need to have it removed as soon as it is detected.  In essence, this gas is colorless and odorless and thus is very hard to detect unless a detector or radon test kits are used. These devices will show the presence of the gas in the house and hence allow you to take remedial action. Also, here are some radon myths to take note of: https://youtu.be/TYZglUjLE0Y

There are several types of radon gas testing kits that are inexpensive and can be used to test the presence of this gas in a building.  Therefore, it is essential to understand the different choices available as far as the test kits are concerned. You'll want to check this out for quality kits.

In most cases, radon gas creeps into a building through cracks present in the building's foundation. The gas may also get in through gaps occurring near pipes, wiring, drains or through private water sources. Radon test kits offer the most inexpensive way of testing radon levels in a building, and they can assist test the air within a building, or it can detect the presence of gas in water from any private well often used in homes.

When testing water using the radon test kits, you need to get a sample of the well water and follow the instructions on the test kits. You then send a sample to the laboratory where it get tested and the results emailed or mailed to you.  Go to this website to know how to streamline the process. 

Radon test kits are of two types; the short-term and long-term radon test kits.  It is recommended that you run at least two short-term tests for your home. The short-term, radon gas testing usually lasts two to four days and helps in estimating the amount of gas present in the house. Additionally, short-term testing can either be canister or charcoal based with the cartridge one being cheaper though not much accurate.

The long-term tests last for three months and are much more accurate, and they take into account the level of fluctuations of radon.

Before you can buy any particular test kit, you need to make sure that the cost of a laboratory test is included in the price and also ascertain whether the costs of shipping of samples to the lab are included in the price. By using the radon test kits, you can know for sure whether you and your loved ones are safe from the gas or not.  Therefore, besides understanding the importance of testing for radon in the home, you also need to know how to use the radon testing kits.

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